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The Fly Higher project is committed to improving the STEM teaching and learning experience by transforming traditional classrooms into exciting and engaging learning environments, where all that there is to know about aeronautics is taught.

Log in and discover a series of stimulating classroom-materials in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We guarantee a set of high-quality tutorials, educational activities and quizzes complemented with teacher´s handbooks, taking students beyond the classroom.

The Fly Higher project offers free-of-charge a complementary set of classroom resources that foster a deeper engagement and opportunities for students to take charge of their own learning in the field of aeronautics with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today´s teachers.

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Below you will find the Fly Higher tutorials. Discover a series of classroom-stimulating materials in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We guarantee a set of high-quality tutorials, educational activities and quizzes complemented with teacher´s handbooks, taking students beyond the classroom. At this stage the Fly Higher materials are being developed and tested by experts. we will continuously upload the most updated versions, so stay tuned!

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Tutorial 1

This first Tutorial aims at giving younger students an appreciation of the early quest to uncover the secret of human flight and, further, to give them a simple appreciation of the scientific principles involved. The tutorial is designed for students who are 11 to 14 years old, but has been used successfully (in an edited format) with students who are younger still and with older students who have no pre-knowledge of aeronautics. 
You will discover the following documents below:


This second Tutorial aims at giving students between 12 to 16 years old an appreciation of the development of modern aircraft (which Tutorial 1 omits) and the massive impact of the jet as an alternative to the (heavy) internal combustion engine.   The science is explained, albeit at an elementary level.
You will discover the following documents below:


The third Tutorial focuses upon the early efforts to achieve human flight through an alternative to bulky, fixed-wing aircraft.  The enormous flexibility of the helicopter is celebrated and leads to (slightly complex) explanation of how the pilot can move the craft up and down, left and right as well forwards and backwards.  This Tutorial, too, is intended for 12 to 16 year olds.
You will discover the following documents below:


The fourth Tutorial is the most technical and is intended for 15 -18 year olds with an interest and some knowledge of science – in particular Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, basic Forces and their interaction. The Tutorial then illustrates and extends these aspects of school/college level science through aeronautic applications, emphasising the four dominant forces on an aircraft: Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag.  In doing so, the Tutorial offers a good number of examination revision opportunities in a fascinating and exciting context that is very relevant to modern life. 
You will discover the following documents below:

Tutorial 5

The final Tutorial focuses upon careers in aviation.  It sets out to move students from common, simplistic impressions of what working with aeroplanes might mean (as a pilot or steward) to a deeper understanding of the myriad of different tasks that need to be done within the industry, and at every level of qualification and sophistication.  As every individual student’s aspirations and circumstances are different, the Tutorial attempts to stimulate discussion and personalised research.  It is therefore suitable for any age group but most relevant to those about to choose optional pathways within their schooling systems.
You will discover the following documents below:


Below we present you with a set of 10 activities that you can easily implement during your classes or as a suggestion for exploratory exercises. Enjoy!

  1. Build a glider
  2. Enter a competition
  3. How to make a paper aeroplane
  4. Investigate Aeronautic events
  5. Invite a speaker into your school
  6. Join the Fly Higher member club
  7. Make a radio controlled aircraft
  8. Take a student flying
  9. Visit a museum
  10. Visiting a local company



Below you can download fifteen Career Kits corresponding to job profiles in the AI sector. These profiles were created by the Fly Higher partnership according to the key findings obtained near the industry regarding most necessary jobs in the sector. Each career kit corresponds to a job/position and includes:

  1. Embedded Software Engineer
  2. Manufacturing Engineer
  3. Sheet-metal Worker
  4. Aircraft Mechanic
  5. Logistics Technician
  6. Test Technician
  7. Business Development Manager
  8. Aircraft Painter
  9. Structural Engineer
  10. Air Traffic Controller
  11. Planner Scheduler
  12. CNC Operator
  13. Composite Technician
  14. Quality Technician
  15. Interactive Cockpit Designer Engineer

Should you be interested in receiving more detailed presentations with videos about each career kit, please send us an e-mail.


The Fly Higher Project Competitions encourages K – 6+ students to imagine what aeronautic wonderlands might be like in their future careers, while letting them experience scientific, engineering and mathematical processes and discovery in an engaging, hands-on way. Let’s empower the next generation of aeronautic professionals!

Winners of the Fly Higher Competitions

The Fly Higher partners have the pleasure to announce the winners of the competitons for each of the following categories:


Most illustrative women presence in aviation: Evaluating the picture which best shows women involved in the field of aeronautics.


Most original picture: Evaluating creativity and art of the drawing .Most creative Art work.


Most aviation: Evaluating the most inspiring and interesting aviation depiction.



Most illustrative women presence in aviation: Evaluating the picture which best shows women involved in the field of aeronautics.


Most original photograph: Evaluating creativity and art of the drawing .Most creative Art work.


Most aviation: Evaluating the most inspiring and interesting aviation depiction.



From 6-10: Zena Sáez Portillo from Logos (Spain). 8 years old

From 11-16: Alma Sáez Portillo from Orvalle (Spain). 14 years old


With 16 correct answers, the winners are:

With 15 correct answers, the winners are:

The winners will be awarded prizes and a Certificate of Excellence.

We congratulate all winners and thank all competition participants!


Experiences, speed dating with scientists and aeronautics fairs in schools. Portugal, Spain, UK, France and The Netherlands will be the host countries of the Aero Days! During one day, you will be able to meet with Aeronautic Researchers and interact with them. Building rockets, “Amazing Space” and “Exploring with Leonardo da Vinci” are just some of the thrilling workshops that you will find here!


AeroDays! means Fun, Fun and lots of fun!

If your students are inspired by the world of Aeronautics, the Fly Higher partners invite you to organize a “Aero Day!” event in your own community or local area.

What is an “Aero Day”?

For one day, be prepared to welcome pilots, astronauts and aeronautical professionals in your own local school! Don´t miss the opportunity to show your students how to build rockets and learn how to explore the skies! Many workshops, contests and amazing discoveries will be only a small hint of all the excitements you will make possible.

Let´s check some of the activities that you can have on the “Aero Day!”:

aviao_Artboard-16Hands-on Experiments: educational, fun and far-fetched workshops about aeronautics, science, maths and other related subjected will make the delights of youth and adults.

aviao_Artboard-16Speed Dating with Aeronautic Scientists: In order to enhance relationships between researchers from all sides of the life sciences, students can randomly rotate to meet and talk with the scientists. During the round, scientists have the chance to explain about what they do, why they chose aeronautic career and they also talked about their personal interests.

aviao_Artboard-16Aeronautic Fairs: in this space scientists will present their projects and outputs. In an informal context, scientists will present their investigation findings, transmitted in a meaningful way to the large public, using simple, accessible language and showing the instruments used in their research.

Curious to know more?

Please check out all about the First Aero Days! event that took place in Madrid, in the United Kingdom and in Portugal.


tonduifkleinWe are delighted to be involved with the Fly Higher project which offers the prospect of additional, well-thought through classroom materials that will illustrate the points that our teachers are making in their Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics classes.It is not magic that keeps ‘planes in the air, but science! We want to unravel the mystery and demonstrate to our students firstly how aviation works and then the many opportunities there are for them to be a part of the industry in the future.

Our university partners – Coventry, Toulouse and Madrid- are developing materials to illustrate the theories they teach in ways that would be accessible to younger audiences; we are helping to ensure that these materials are pedagogically secure and our Media partner – Inovamais, in Portugal – will reproduce them as attractive packages in a series of different languages. This is a European Union funded project – so there will be no charge to schools! We expect, further, to promote a dialogue between schools and the industry itself. Boeing (Europe) are partners, too.

We are planning:

field_trips2“Aero-days” (the first one is in Madrid on 3rd May 2013) bringing various stakeholders together, to offer school children an exciting, inspiring day related to aeronautics and the wonders of engineering.

aerodays_2“Science-cafés”, for teachers to explore the work we have done, feedback to us how well it has worked and meet with people in the industry itself.

competitionsStudent Competitions at regional and national level – perhaps, even, EU wide – that will engage young people of all ages and ability and “Career Kits” that will help support any young person who wants to work in this growing and important field. (There are many jobs to be found, at almost every level.)

The EU sees economic and social gains from the Fly Higher project. So does ESHA – but we also see a golden opportunity to enrich the studies of our students in our schools by bringing theory to life with a very real application.I hope you will want to be a part of it and help your school and your students to “Fly Higher!”

Ton Duif President of the “European School Heads Association” ESHA


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