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Here you can find a database and geographical distribution of Tier 1 and 2 of European companies in the Aeronautical Sector. A detailed map of the true extent of Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in European countries is continuously being assembled by the Fly Higher partners.

Please select the map to have a general view of the main operators in the Aeronautical sector in Europe. There are currently more than 650 location points on the map for tier 1 and tier 2 suppliers.


View GIS Map here

The colour coding means: Aero Engine – Blue | Aerospace Components – Green | Aerostructures – Light Blue | Aircraft Design – Orange | Airport Operations – Pink | Avionics – Purple | MRO – Red | Space – White | UAV – Yellow

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The Fly Higher team prepared a  comprehensive report about the Aeronautic Future Skills Needs that aims to examine the priorities and future skills of the aeronautical industry. This report tries to:

To assess and identify the current and likely future skills needs of the European Aeronautic Sector; favicon

To collect employers views regarding the development of the sector; favicon

faviconTo analyse how training and education provision matches up to the future skills requirements of the aeronautic sector and assess the willingness of providers to engage with employers in order to address needs.

The aeronautic industry is a key driver of European cohesion and competitiveness, playing a fundamental role in facilitating economic growth and social inclusion, providing revenues to otherwise isolated regions and helping people to enlarge their horizons. However, the unprecedented economic crisis has posed several relevant challenges that affect European competitiveness, performance and sustainability.

This report contains a literature review indicating the size of the aeronautics industry and evidencing the needs and difficulties industry has employing people with the skills they require. It also details the results of a survey that has been carried out asking industrialists about their skills and training needs.

Across Europe it is clear that the industry is extremely concerned that they are unable to recruit the people they need and that due to an aging population the situation is getting worse. The industry requires a substantial number of STEM educated people. However is concerned that insufficient is being done to make young people aware of the wide ranging career possibilities. As a result many aeronautical companies have developed initiatives to try and show young people that there are many interesting and fulfilling opportunities.

There is an urgent need for schools, career advisors and other educators to form links with the aeronautics industry so that young people can see the opportunities for themselves. To achieve this, the developments of activities such as those within the Fly Higher project are needed to help disseminate information and provide tools that can be used by the various stakeholders.

The report can be downloaded here.


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