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Have you always wanted to be part of an exclusive Aeronautic club? The FLY HIGHER Member´s Club is free and guarantees great fun! Be part of this Aero-fans Community and receive all the latest news in first hand and participate in exclusive activities! article-new_ehow_images_a08_3s_gj_build-cardboard-planes-800x800For members only! Follow this link and register now! You don´t want to miss a thing! 


Get the crayons out or simply grab a pen or a camera and let us be amazed with your artistic talents. Several competitions will put your creativity to the test while testing your Aeronautics wiz! So, send us your best drawings and creative art-works and win amazing prizes! Bring your friends to the contests with you and put your school in the Fly Higher Map! You can´t miss this opportunity! The school with more participants will be awarded a “Over the Skies!” diploma and its name will be published in the Fly Higher web page.

You don´t want to miss a thing!

Winners of the Fly Higher Competitions

The Fly Higher partners have the pleasure to announce the winners of the competitons for each of the following categories:


Most illustrative women presence in aviation: Evaluating the picture which best shows women involved in the field of aeronautics.


Most original picture: Evaluating creativity and art of the drawing .Most creative Art work.


Most aviation: Evaluating the most inspiring and interesting aviation depiction.



Most illustrative women presence in aviation: Evaluating the picture which best shows women involved in the field of aeronautics.


Most original photograph: Evaluating creativity and art of the drawing .Most creative Art work.


Most aviation: Evaluating the most inspiring and interesting aviation depiction.



From 6-10: Zena Sáez Portillo from Logos (Spain). 8 years old

From 11-16: Alma Sáez Portillo from Orvalle (Spain). 14 years old


With 16 correct answers, the winners are:

With 15 correct answers, the winners are:

The winners will be awarded prizes and a Certificate of Excellence.

We congratulate all winners and thank all competition participants!


Experiences, speed dating with scientists and aeronautics fairs in schools. Portugal, Spain, UK, France and The Netherlands will be the host countries of the Aero Days! During one day, you will be able to meet with Aeronautic Researchers and interact with them. Building rockets, “Amazing Space” and “Exploring with Leonardo da Vinci” are just some of the thrilling workshops that you will find here!


The first of several Aero Days! took take place on the 3rd of May at the English-speaking Kings College in Madrid. For one day, hundreds of students and teachers were dazzled by the fantastic discoveries of the Aeronautic world! On this event, students have met with Aeronautic Professionals in “speed-dating” sessions where all sort of questions have popped out of the youngsters minds, such “why did you choose to be an aeronautic engineer?” or “for how long did you have to study?”! During the afternoon, a wide set of workshops and activities were organized for all and some of the sessions included:

  • Sky highways: magic? How are they controlled?
  • Aircraft flight test – Flight simulators
  • Fly higher tutorial “Draw the airplane of the future!”
  • Move your body!
  • Aero-Trivial;

In the end of the day, prizes were awarded to the students with the best drawing! All in all the Aero Day! was a real success! Stimulating and nurturing a “Passion for Aerospace” on young Europeans was the motto of the day and for sure it was an unforgettable experience!

Check out some of the pictures below!

AeroDays in Madrid!



Sit back and watch some videos about the magical world of Aeronautics. But before you start your own “Movie Session”, please select the most appropriate age range.

Enjoy the movies!

Five years old or more?

Eight years old or more?

Twelve years old or more?



UPMDuring the Open Days at the Technical University of Madrid (UPM), the undergraduate students attending will have the opportunity to have a closer look to academic life and everyday’s activities. Every school and faculty present their activities, main subjects and research programs to help the students in their choice of a future career. Don´t miss the chance to come to visit us at an open day. This is the best way to experience life as an UPM student. From taking a tour of our city centre campus and seeing the highlights of what Madrid has to offer, to being able to talk to our students about life at UPM; our open days really do give you the chance to see it all.

The Fly High Project

FlyhighThe aim of FlyHigh is the provision of a creative and interactive curriculum for secondary schools (lower and upper level). This includes guidelines for teachers and the corresponding demonstration objects and teaching aids. In order to ensure the development of an attractive curriculum for students of lower and upper secondary level, to fascinate them and motivate them to be engaged in physics, mathematics and engineering sciences, FlyHigh is developed by a team of teachers from education of secondary level, experts from educational authorities, from training providers, from aviation and from media design.


logoGrandeYou will find here presentation of the following topics: 1) How does a plane fly? 2) Flying with rockets: the world of space travel 3) Sky motorways: Magic?, How are aircraft controlled? 4) Cities in the sky: How are airports built and how do they work? 5) Building the largest aircraft in the world: Airbus A380 6) Model planes: Fun with miniature planes


logo_aenaIn order to foster the study and research in aeronautics, as well as to promote the interest on topics linked to air transport and its management, the AENA Foundation organises yearly symposia on the history of aeronautics. These 3-day symposia get together specialists on the history of aeronautics, who cover the outcome of their work in these fields. The presentations and subsequent discussions are put together in selected publications. So far there have been 16 symposia, covering topics from the most relevant Spanish people in the world of aeronautics, through the Spanish developments in this field to the skills developed in the Spanish aeronautics industry.



This project started in 2011, initially covering 5 airports: Barcelona, Gran Canaria, Málaga-Costa del Sol, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid-Barajas. In its second edition during the school year 2012-2013, a two-hour workshops will be organized at different airports, such as A Coruña, Alicante, Barcelona-El Prat, Bilbao, Lanzarote, Madrid-Barajas, Palma de Mallorca and Valencia. By  using LEGO Education methodology, school children will develop an environmentally friendly airport management system that includes landing an aircraft with the smallest environmental and acoustic footprint. This will enable the children to become acquainted with the different landing strategies being implemented in Spanish airports since 2010. All workshops are followed by a visit to the airport terminal, where children will see first hand the different measures taken to reduce the environmental impact of air travel in selected airport departments.



DC9 aircraft parked near Barajas Airport Terminal 2 with an exhibition of all environmental aspects of aircraft operation. The visits are pitched at the right level depending on the type of audience.  There is also an interactive room where the effect of all these environmental aspects can be seen first hand, showing the strategies that have been put in place to minimize the negative environmental impact of air travel.


Welcome to the Fly Higher Tutorials!

The journey of Discovery begins now!

Do you want to know how an airplane flies? And what keeps birds in the air? Or even how a jet engine works? If your answer is “YES!”, you can´t miss the Fly Higher tutorials that we have prepared for you! It´s very easy – select the topic that you want to learn more and download the tutorial.  We guarantee great fun!

Message for parents and teachers

The Fly Higher project offers free-of-charge a complementary set of classroom resources for teachers that foster a deeper engagement and opportunities for their students to take charge of their own learning in the field of aeronautics with high quality, engaging, relevant tools designed for today´s teachers. If you want to have access to the Fly Higher tutorials and teaching materials, simply access here.

Simply click on the images below to download the tutorials. Befor you start, please consult here the technical features.


Tutorial 1

This first Tutorial aims at giving younger students an appreciation of the early quest to uncover the secret of human flight and, further, to give them a simple appreciation of the scientific principles involved. The tutorial is designed for students who are 11 to 14 years old, but has been used successfully (in an edited format) with students who are younger still and with older students who have no pre-knowledge of aeronautics.


This second Tutorial aims at giving students between 12 to 16 years old an appreciation of the development of modern aircraft (which Tutorial 1 omits) and the massive impact of the jet as an alternative to the (heavy) internal combustion engine. The science is explained, albeit at an elementary level.


The third Tutorial focuses upon the early efforts to achieve human flight through an alternative to bulky, fixed-wing aircraft.  The enormous flexibility of the helicopter is celebrated and leads to (slightly complex) explanation of how the pilot can move the craft up and down, left and right as well forwards and backwards.  This Tutorial, too, is intended for 12 to 16 year olds.


The fourth Tutorial is the most technical and is intended for 15 -18 year olds with an interest and some knowledge of science – in particular Newton’s Three Laws of Motion, basic Forces and their interaction. The Tutorial then illustrates and extends these aspects of school/college level science through aeronautic applications, emphasising the four dominant forces on an aircraft: Lift, Weight, Thrust and Drag.  In doing so, the Tutorial offers a good number of examination revision opportunities in a fascinating and exciting context that is very relevant to modern life. 

 Tutorial 5

The final Tutorial focuses upon careers in aviation.  It sets out to move students from common, simplistic impressions of what working with aeroplanes might mean (as a pilot or steward) to a deeper understanding of the myriad of different tasks that need to be done within the industry, and at every level of qualification and sophistication.  As every individual student’s aspirations and circumstances are different, the Tutorial attempts to stimulate discussion and personalised research.  It is therefore suitable for any age group but most relevant to those about to choose optional pathways within their schooling systems.


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