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Spectacular talk “How does an airplane fly?”

Posted on 09 Jul 2013 in News | Comments Off

“How does an airplane fly?”

By Javier Gómez Barrero, pilot and member of the SAE

Full house in the amphitheater of the National Geographic Store in Madrid’s Gran Via, to pursue a passionate speech about the flight of the aircraft, by Javier Gómez Barrero, commander of A-340 and VP SEPLA Iberia. He reviewed the history of aviation, from mythology to the present, and through all the milestones of aviation.

During his speech, Mr. Javier Gómez Barrero has encouraged children with memories of films like Dumbo, and ended amaze even the biggest showing how to fly the largest aircraft in the world. He explained in a simple and practical effect sustaining wings and tail control, thanks to the strength of the wind, and how pilots the plane with the “horns”, pedals and onboard computers. In the end, each participant took home a small, simple and super-memory plane.